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    By: James Duda on Jul 05, 2011

    While most DMOs are practicing social responsibility, so far there is no set of standard practices as each destination is unique.

    Do you have an environmental management plan?  How about a list of corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunities for visiting clients?  DMAI’s Social Responsibility Committee is collecting a variety of DMO resources to build a sharable information repository.

    The types of information collected so far include:

    • Case studies from DMOs or visiting customers
    • Policy documents on social responsibility
    • Lists of CSR or volunteer opportunities in your local area
    • Sustainability practices
    • Organizational initiatives or accomplishments in social responsibility
    • Diversity initiatives

    Whatever it is, regardless of format, if you think your social responsibility example could be valuable to another DMO, share it!  DMAI members can see what others have shared and upload their own documents by visiting the myDMAI Social Responsibility File Library.  Non-members, send your examples to and DMAI will upload it for you.

    Released: Jul 05, 2011 04:50 AM
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